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    Why windsurfers' sunglasses?

    Some of you may know me as the designer and brand manager for Starboard, the world's leading windsurfing board brand through product innovation and quality. Fanatic, JP, Tabou to name a few are all also just as fantastic windsurfing brands in their own right and their own style. With windsurfing being a relatively small sport, competitors are also friends and colleagues. We all windsurf for the same reasons, we all design and develop equipment with the same passion. Working with boards, their development and their marketing my entire career, I see how our sport is very hardware focused.

    By contrast, flipping through a surf, skate or football magazine, you see sports industries built half on equipment and half on lifestyle. Ying and Yang. The equipment side creates the platform to participate and the fashion side promotes the sport to the general public. The mechanism of a fashion arm is interesting. Flip through a windsurf magazine and you can see windsurfing doesn't have much of that. We rely almost entirely on hardware sales and rentals to survive as a sport. Without lifestyle brands, we lack the self-sustainable, self-perpetuating mechanism that markets our sport to the world.

    Shamal Windsurfing, starting with sunglasses with the highest lens quality and continuing with more fashion items in the near future, is about changing that.


    Tiesda You