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    Tiesda You Portrait for Shamal Windsurfing

    Shape and Design by Tiesda You

    From the creator of iconic boards such as the Starboard Hypersonic, iSonic, Atom, Futura, Serenity and AirPlane comes Shamal Windsurfing, a windsurfing fashion brand.


    "With Shamal Windsurfing, we want to create a windsurfing lifestyle brand to complement windsurfing equipment brands, to channel a new revenue stream for the industry. We want to create our own imagery that represents our own windsurfing sporting history; not mixed with surfing or skateboarding. Ray Ban and Oakley are great brands too, but they neither represent nor participate with windsurfers and windsurfing. Our Zeiss lenses - I think - are far better too."
    Tiesda You, founder of Shamal Windsurfing