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    With and without Shamal Sunglasses

    Margaret River, Western Australia. Left: without Shamal Sunglasses. Right: with Shamal Sunglasses.


    Shamal's customized lenses by Zeiss enhance sharpness and definition while boosting contrast and colours. Lens polarization reduces glare and reflections which is great for beach scenes: reducing reflections off the water surface is an efficient way of reducing the total average brightness of a scene without making everything look dark.

    In a similar way, our gradient lenses such as the Emerald Gradient lenses used to capture the above photo, reduce more brightness off the top half of the scene than the bottom half. As the brightest part of a scene is generally the sky, this helps to reduce scene brightness efficiently and avoid the all-dark effect of conventional sunglasses that would otherwise make you long to remove your sunglasses to see better.

    With reduced glare in driving conditions, you can see more of what's happening outside and less of the sunlight bouncing off your dashboard.



    As a finishing touch, all Shamal Sunglass lenses by Zeiss feature a rock-hard finish for scratch resistance and an anti-reflection coating on the inside surface.

    This anti-reflection coating minimizes the reflection of sunlight coming from behind you and bouncing off the inside of the lenses and into your eyes. Like cupping your eyes to see better through a window, this anti-reflection is a neat simple trick to boost contrast and clarity.

    EN1836-2005, AS/NZS 1067-2003, ANSI Z80.3-2001, Z87.1-2003